Bubble Teams 2-9-17

These teams are theIn-But-On-The-Bubble First Four In, First Four Out, and Next Four Out from my bracket projection.

Louisiana Tech is up, USC is down, Maryland is out.  “Maryland???” you say?  Stay tuned!  Maryland is still very overrated.  They might make the field, but they have work to do before they belong.


  • TCU
  • Michigan
  • Middle Tennessee
  • Tennessee
  • Northwestern
  • VCU
  • California
  • Utah

Last Four In

  • Syracuse
  • Wake Forest
  • Miami (FL)
  • Marquette

First Four Out

  • BYU
  • Arkansas
  • Illinois State
  • Louisiana Tech

Next Four Out

  • USC
  • Michigan State
  • Clemson
  • Georgetown