Bubble Teams 2-16-17

These teams are the In-But-On-The-Bubble, First Four In, First Four Out, and Next Four Out from my bracket projection.

My bracket/bubble team projections are based on computer rankings from TheRankerPit.com, which have proven better than ESPN’s BPI at picking against the spread.

Michigan is still off the bubble (on the safe side).  Rhode Island is now on the bubble, while Middle Tennessee moved into “safe” territory.  Xavier continues to lose ground.  Illinois State and Tennessee were replaced by Maryland and Arkansas in the Last Four In.  Illinois State fell to right below the cut-line.


  • Northwestern
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah
  • California
  • Kansas State
  • Xavier
  • Wake Forest
  • Miami (FL)

Last Four In

  • TCU
  • Maryland
  • Syracuse
  • Arkansas

First Four Out

  • Illinois State
  • Tennessee
  • USC
  • Marquette

Next Four Out

  • Georgetown
  • BYU
  • Michigan State
  • Clemson