2017 Bracket Tip Sheet

Pick the Champ First

  • 18 of last 19 champs were a 1-, 2-, or 3-seed
  • This year’s champ will probably be either Arizona, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon, UCLA, or Duke.  To see why, check out my post about teams with championship DNA

Next Pick Your Final Four

  • All four 1-seeds have made the Final 4 only once
  • All four 1-seeds failed to reach the Final 4 only twice
  • On average, the Final 4 consists of at least one 1-seed and only one team seeded 4 or worse

Elite Eight

  • On average, the Elite 8 consists of three 1-seeds, two 2-seeds, one 3-seed, and one team seeded lower than 5

The Cinderellas

  • On average, 6 double digit seeds advance to the Second Round.  The average over the last 10 years is 7 teams
  • On average, 2 double digit seeds advance to the Sweet 16
  • Never pick a 16-seed to beat a 1-seed
  • Play it safe, and don’t pick a 15-seed to beat a 2-seed.  It’s too rare to be worth the risk.

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