Championship Contender Watch – 1-23-2018

I have identified a set of traits commonly found in NCAA Tournament champions.  We’re far enough along in the season to start tracking the teams that fit the mold and those that are close.  Here are the teams currently exhibiting real contender characteristics.

So far, we can use what we know about teams’ AP Poll ranks 7 weeks before the post season begins, their projected seeds (from, and their team stats to identify the teams that may have the DNA of a championship team.

“Current contenders” meet all of the qualifications.  “Almost Contenders” are missing one link but are very close and will join the contender list with a little improvement.  “Pretenders” are way off in one or two areas and will need significant improvement to become a real contender.

Current Contenders

  • Purdue
  • Michigan State
  • Duke
  • West Virginia
  • North Carolina

Almost Contenders

  • Villanova  –  need to improve rebounding
  • Kansas  –  need to improve defensive scoring
  • Oklahoma  –  need to improve defensive scoring


  • Virginia  –  rebounding and scoring are off the mark
  • Xavier  –  defensive scoring
  • Cincinnati  –  scoring
  • Arizona  –  defensive scoring