Tournament Winners Have LOTS of Q1 Wins, But…

Does it really matter how many Quadrant 1 wins a team has?  Do Quadrant 1 (Q1) wins give any indication of a team’s title chances in the NCAA Tournament?

Yes!  But we only have RPI-based quadrant history. Because the new NET rankings are new and cannot be calculated for past seasons, we can’t analyze how useful they are yet.

So, looking at RPI-based Q1 wins, there are currently only three teams that have enough…

The Magic Number is 9

Each of the past 16 national champions entered the NCAA Tournament with at least nine RPI-based Q1 wins.  Even 7-seed Connecticut had 10 Q1 wins before they ripped through the 2014 tournament for the title.

2019 List of Teams With 9+ RPI-based Q1 Wins

  • Kansas – 10
  • Kentucky – 10
  • Virginia – 10

2019 List of Teams With Almost 9 RPI-based Q1 Wins

  • Duke – 8
  • LSU – 8
  • Michigan State – 8
  • Tennessee – 7
  • North Carolina – 7
  • Michigan – 7
  • Kansas State – 7
  • Marquette – 7

Keep track of how these and other teams add to their Q1-win column with my tracker.

Last year’s post shows the number of Q1 wins each of the past tournament winners had entering the tournament. Last year, Villanova had 10.