The poor 9-seeds.  First they play against a team (the 8-seed in their region) that should be a fairly even match.  Not an easy win and there’s no fanfare if they do win.  Then, if they win, they have to face the 1-seed in the very next round.  Only the 13-16 seeds reach the Sweet 16 less frequently than the 8- and 9-seeds.  In fact, 9-seeds only have two more Sweet 16 appearances than 13-seeds.  Overall, 9-seeds have had a slight upper hand in their series against the 8-seeds.  In an evenly matched series, though, you’d expect streaks and trends to go back and forth a little.

Overall Performance

  • 78 (of 152) advanced to the Second Round
  • 8 went on to the Sweet 16
  • 5 reached the Elite 8
  • 2 reached the Final 4

Performance Over the Last 10 Tournaments

  • 20 (of 40) advanced to the Second Round
  • 4 went on to the Sweet 16
  • 4 reached the Elite 8
  • 2 made it to the Final 4

Record in the Second Round

  • vs 1-seeds:  6-70
  • vs 16-seeds:  2-0

Feats of Strength

  • The only two 9-seeds to make a Final 4 run are:
    • 2013:  Wichita State
    • 2023:  Florida Atlantic
  • All four 9-seeds have advanced to the Second Round five times (’89, ’94, ’99, ’01, and ’19)
  • Only thrice did none of the 9-seeds advance (’00, ’02, and ‘15)

2 responses to “9-Seeds”

  1. Rocco Miller Avatar

    2000 Wisconsin was an 8-seed. Does this change the information and totals?

    1. adam Avatar

      Gosh, somehow I missed your comment last year Rocco. March is coming so I’m getting back on this website to update. Anyhow, you make a great observation. Wisc was an 8 seed and lost to a 1-seed Michigan St. in 2000. I’m not sure how I made this mistake, I in need to look at my database and verify that it was just dumb human error and not GIGO.

      All the same and assuming the database is correct, this observation makes my conclusion even stronger. Now we are down to just 2013 Wichita St. as the only 9-seed to advance to the Final Four. I’d be very hesitant to pick the 9 beyond the second round.

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