2024 South Region Model Results

1-Houston is a huuuuuuge favorite to win the 2024 NCAA Tournament West Region. Now that they’re coming from a “real” conference, they might finally have the chops to go all the way.

The Models


  • 2-Marquette’s chances are significantly lower than the 2-seeds in the other regions (32%, 24%, and 24%)
  • 3-Kentucky has the lowest likelihood of all the top 3 seeds for reaching the Final Four. Offense wins championships, but you gotta play defense at least a little…
  • KenPom model is the only one giving 1-Houston a less than 50% chance of winning the region – and it’s considerably less at 41%
  • 7-Florida, a popular dark horse Final Four pick, has an uninspiring 2.5% chance, according to the models

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