Remember the Quarterfinal Rule

As the major conference tournaments get rolling this week, remember the Quarterfinal Rule – any team that fails to advance past their conference tournament quarterfinal WILL NOT win the national championship. The are no exceptions to the Quarterfinal Rule.  I’ll update this post as top teams are eliminated before their conference semifinals. 

2023 Teams Eliminated from National Title Contention

2 responses to “Remember the Quarterfinal Rule”

  1. John H Schaeffer Avatar
    John H Schaeffer

    Also Kansas State lost in the QF to TCU. So far, per the DNA rule I have Houston & Gonzaga eliminated (conference affiliation), Baylor & Kansas State eliminated (conf tourney QF), Virginia, UCLA, Tennessee & Arizona eliminated (not enough Q1 wins), leaving Purdue & Alabama (both play Conf QF on 3/10), as well as Kansas & Texas.

    1. BracketNinja Avatar

      Thank you for your comment, John! Great tracking, I love it! Agree on Baylor, K State, Houston, and Gonzaga. I need to write a “Championship DNA 2.0” article updating on Q1 win threshold and conference affiliation (replace with overall conference rating). I wouldn’t eliminate Virginia, UCLA, Tenn, and AZ due to low Q1 wins, but ACC is too weak, again, this year, so that eliminates all ACC teams. PAC-12 is teetering around the threshold. After the conf tournaments are done, I’ll recalculate. Texas’ poor road/neutral record is currently a red flag, but we’ll see what they do today and potentially tomorrow.