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Tournament Winners Have LOTS of Q1 Wins, But…

Does it really matter how many Quadrant 1 wins a team has?  Do Quadrant 1 (Q1) wins give any indication of a team’s title chances in the NCAA Tournament?

Yes!  But we only have RPI-based quadrant history. Because the new NET rankings are new and cannot be calculated for past seasons, we can’t analyze how useful they are yet.

So, looking at RPI-based Q1 wins, there are currently only three teams that have enough…

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The Quarterfinal Rule – teams that will not win the championship

The Quarterfinal Rule states that any team that fails to advance past their conference tournament WILL NOT win the national championship.  This rule has never been broken.

2017 Teams Eliminated From National Title Contention

  • Louisville – Lost to Duke in the ACC Quarterfinals
  • Kansas – Lost to TCU in the Big 12 Quarterfinals
  • Baylor – Lost to Kansas State in the Big 12 Quarterfinals
  • Virginia – Lost to Notre Dame in the ACC Quarterfinals
  • Butler – Lost to Xavier in the Big East Quarterfinals
  • Purdue – Lost to Michigan in the Big Ten Quarterfinals
  • Florida – Lost to Vanderbilt in the SEC Quarterfinals